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Rem- Man On The Moon

Don’t you just love this song + this band <3

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Victory is near…

I can feel it getting closer,

closer every day

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That my boyfriend is soo obsessed with Frank Iero? Seriously. I think he’d marry him if he could. Which would be bad news for me… I mean, yeah Frank’s cool and everything, but Gerard Way is soo much cooler!

Frank?! Where?!

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don’t make me regret this.

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So relaxing when the sun is guiding the step of your smooth cycling body.

It’s beautiful and sad how no body will ever be able to move as well as you and your shadow do together.

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If they ask you to stand still, you should dance.
— Let The Great World Spin, Colum McCann (via fuckyeahhappy)

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So I’m on facebook and something made me click my mother’s page. Of course I went through her pictures and automatically started to cry. I miss her more than words can begin to express. She’s been on vacation since feb. 28th and keeps delaying her flight. I’m not mad at her for that because she…

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NEWNEWNEW video from Piano Hill for our beloved Guerre-BOY.

Watch this and crave for the summertime while wishing the cold winter away.

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In the end, we’re all selfish, lying bitches in denial who are all too busy being conceited by the greatness of our own capabilities and so-called ability to feel empathetic towards others and their needs.

I just had to get that out. So there.

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It’s no use pretending that what has obviously happened has not in fact happened. The upper 1 percent of Americans are now taking in nearly a quarter of the nation’s income every year. In terms of wealth rather than income, the top 1 percent control 40 percent. Their lot in life has improved considerably. Twenty-five years ago, the corresponding figures were 12 percent and 33 percent. One response might be to celebrate the ingenuity and drive that brought good fortune to these people, and to contend that a rising tide lifts all boats. That response would be misguided. While the top 1 percent have seen their incomes rise 18 percent over the past decade, those in the middle have actually seen their incomes fall. For men with only high-school degrees, the decline has been precipitous—12 percent in the last quarter-century alone. All the growth in recent decades—and more—has gone to those at the top. In terms of income equality, America lags behind any country in the old, ossified Europe that President George W. Bush used to deride. Among our closest counterparts are Russia with its oligarchs and Iran. While many of the old centers of inequality in Latin America, such as Brazil, have been striving in recent years, rather successfully, to improve the plight of the poor and reduce gaps in income, America has allowed inequality to grow.
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This kitten’s name is Wild Bill.

We here at Cutest Kitten Ever hope that you all someday know the joy of being hopelessly distracted by a 12-oz kitten in your office.

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(via Atomic Surgery: Born This Day: Francesco Maria Grimaldi)

Grimaldi (April 2, 1618 - Dec. 28, 1663) was an Italian mathematician and physicist who studied the diffraction of light…


(via Atomic Surgery: Born This Day: Francesco Maria Grimaldi)

Grimaldi (April 2, 1618 - Dec. 28, 1663) was an Italian mathematician and physicist who studied the diffraction of light…

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